Entertainment Software Association Condemns Alleged Trump Remarks

by Imran Khan on Jan 12, 2018 at 02:38 PM

The Entertainment Software Association, a lobbying group made up of some of the largest video game publishers in the industry, has issued a statement condemning President Donald Trump's alleged characterization of countries such as Haiti as "s---holes."

The remarks were leaked by attendees of an immigration meeting with lawmakers, as first reported by the Washington Post. Multiple witnesses, including Democratic senator Dick Durbin, have both anonymously and publicly attributed the comments to President Trump, who denies using that specific phrase.

In response, the Entertainment Software Association has condemned Trump's language:

"America's greatness is built on our diversity," said the ESA in a statement released on Twitter. "The president's repulsive comments undermine the fundamental values of who are are as a country. There is no place in our society for this type of backward thinking, and we condemn it in the strongest terms."

Members of the ESA include Nintendo, Konami, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.


Our Take
After months of backing the Trump administration on tax bills and his legislative agenda, the ESA moved quickly to condemn these remarks. It is important that human value trumps politics and business support; it is encouraging to see the ESA speak against comments like this.