Space Invaders Extreme, Groove Coaster Heading To Steam

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 11, 2018 at 02:32 PM

Taito has finally made the Steam-related announcement it was previously teasing: Space Invaders Extreme is coming to Steam next month, and Groove Coaster will soon follow.

Space Invaders Extreme, which hits Steam in February, is a Pac-Man Championship Edition-style remake of the classic game, quickening the pace of the game and wrapping in a warm neon exterior.

Groove Coaster, on the other hand, is a rhythm game only tangentially related to the series which first released on mobile phones. The game had players tapping, sliding, or holding down their thumb to match the notes, and also featured hidden notes players to could find once they knew the song well enough. Groove Coaster hits Steam this Spring.

[Source: Official Taito Website]

Our Take
Both of these games are great experiments people don't talk about enough. Groove Coaster in particular might be my favorite mobile phone game. I'm not sure how Groove Coaster will fit on PC, but Extreme is a great fit for any platform that can use a controller (so yes, pretty much all of them). I'm a little surprised these games weren't also announced for Switch, honestly.