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Over 7600 Games Were Released On Steam In 2017

by Imran Khan on Jan 10, 2018 at 06:44 PM

If it seems to you like Steam has more games than you can keep up with every week, that isn't just your imagination. According to unofficial Steam statistic aggregator Steam Spy, 2017 saw the release of 7,672 games on the digital games service.

The number is notable for a few reasons. The new record is 2,472 more games than released last year, and means that about 40% of the entire Steam library came out last year. And, as the Steam Spy twitter account points out, that works out to about 21 games a day.

Valve has long been troubled with the idea of how and even whether to curate Steam games, choosing instead to rely on Discovery algorithms to help users sort through the massive number of games rather than cull them. What do you think of the game availability on Steam? Is it better to have the variety above all else? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Steam Spy]


Our Take
While a huge number, I personally get uneasy at the idea of Valve turning games away because they don't think they belong. Games have gotten banned for spurious reasoning before and I am not sure a more heavy-handed form of that is what's needed. On the other hand...the problem with an overwhelming game library is getting exponentially worse.