New Overwatch Patch Allows Players To Watch Overwatch League And Introduces New League Currency

by Imran Khan on Jan 09, 2018 at 05:47 PM

Blizzard is obviously very eager to talk about the Twitch-exclusive Overwatch League, which is the main emphasis of the new Overwatch patch.

The main thrust of the new patch is an Overwatch is the introduction of the new league skins, which allow you to rep your favorite team with colors for your characters. As an example, I'll rep the San Francisco Shock, which means I'll be wearing garish orange on all my characters. The London Spitfire colors are probably way better.

These costumes are only purchasable with League Tokens. Anyone who logs in before February 13 receives 100 tokens free – normally a $5 cost. Those 100 tokens by you any one character's colors. There are 12 total colors and 24 total characters, so if you wanted to get all the colors for every character, minus the one color you get for free, you're looking at about $1432.13 maximum. If that seems genuinely insane and you only want to cover your team, it'll cost you $114.17.

Other token purchases can be made in other increments, including 2600 tokens for $100. On the plus side, 50 percent goes to the teams.

The update will also add the ability to watch league matches within the client. It does not cost you anything, probably. You can check out the full patch notes at the source link.

[Source: Blizzard Patch Notes]