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Nintendo Releasing Green And Pink Joycons In America

by Imran Khan on Jan 05, 2018 at 12:47 PM

After months of the pink and green joycons only being available in Japan, Nintendo is finally releasing them in North America.

The dual-color joycons, which represent and launched alongside Splatoon 2 with its June release, were exclusive to a Splatoon 2 hardware bundle in North America, which itself was exclusive to Wal-Mart. In Japan, the joycons were also available separately.

Curiously, the new separately sold joycons invert the colors from both the hardware bundle and the Japanese ones, which had a green left joycon and a pink right one. This is similar to how Nintendo sold the neon colored joycons separately, inverting the colors from the neon Switch. So if you bought the hardware bundle and want an all-green or all-pink system, it is going to run you another $80 for a new joycon set. If you don't have the hardware bundle and want the joycons to match, it looks like you'll need to import a set from Japan, as well.

The joycons will go on sale later this month, according to Nintendo.


Our Take
There have been a number of joycon colors I think are neat, but none that have pushed me over the edge to pay that high cost.