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Watch An Artist Draw All 807 Pokemon In Fast Motion

by Imran Khan on Jan 04, 2018 at 08:18 PM

There are a lot of Pokemon. A lot. And over the 350 hours and the span of 42 days, artist Christopher Cayco decided to draw them all.

Cayco started by working on an older piece, but decided that he should use his improved skills to work on an entirely new image.with all 807 Pokemon, but Cayco didn't just stop with Pokedex entries. In his exhaustive rundown of everything he drew, Cayco mentions that he also included all 48 Mega Evolutions, all the Pikachu variations, all the regional Arbok differences, and way more. The 807 Pokemon number balloons to nearly 1200 creatures when adding all the numbers up.

You can watch a video of Cayco's work below or check out a full image at his DeviantArt page. A copy of the print can also be purchased here.

How many can you name without looking it up?