Miiverse Has Been Archived After Complete Shutdown

by Imran Khan on Jan 03, 2018 at 06:44 PM

Last year, Nintendo called it quits on the Miiverse, the Wii U and 3DS message board that had drawings, text posts, and screenshots for people to share with fellow owners. Now, fans and engineers have officially archived those bright few years of innocent questions of why can't Metroid crawl.

Lead by Drastic Actions, the full archive is on a website called Archiverse. The entire thing came out to 17 terabytes of data, or 17,000,000 MB, made up of 216,901,986 Replies,133,003,599 Posts, 75,955,135 Screenshots, 72,135,190 Drawings, and 8,278,693 User Profiles.

You can access the website and search through to find all the posts about water you can shake a stick at. Nintendo also had individual profiles available to download, but the deadline for requesting and/or accessing them has passed.


Our Take
It's a shame that nothing has replaced the Miiverse. It wasn't perfect, but it was unique and innocent and naive in its own special way.