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Godzilla Height Comparison Shows Newest Kaiju's Immense Size

by Imran Khan on Dec 29, 2017 at 01:19 PM

A size comparison of all the Godzilla heights has been making the rounds on the internet and shows off how ridiculously massive the newest monster is.

The image, made by renowned artist Noger Chen, shows the Godzilla from the new CG animated movie, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. The newest Godzilla is way bigger by a magnitude of three to six times other Godzilla heights and it definitely shows.

The bigger Godzilla comes from Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, which has aired in Japanese theaters despite being created and funded by Netflix. In the movie, humanity has declared Earth a wash after kaiju after kaiju appears and humanity has no choice but to seek another planet to live on. This turns out to be a terrible idea when the new planet is also uninhabitable but for different reasons other than giant monsters, so a team returns to try and take Earth back, only to find Godzilla has evolved and become the top of the food chain.

The movie is coming internationally in early 2018 and is the first of a trilogy, with Godzilla: The City For Mechanized Battle (which features MechaGodzilla) and a third movie coming after. You can find a Japanese trailer below.