Capcom Producer Promising 2018 Will Make Ace Attorney Fans Happy

by Imran Khan on Dec 29, 2017 at 06:46 PM

Capcom producer Motohiro Eshiro has promised that Ace Attorney will have some presence in 2018 in an interview with Japanese site 4Gamer.

“I believe we’ll continue working on something that will make Ace Attorney series fans happy," Eshiro told the website. "We’re also currently coming up with a new title, so personally speaking I think it’ll be a challenging year.”

It is another hint that Capcom has not been subtle about dropping in the last few months. Last month, Capcom chief operating officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto outright said to expect a sequel to Ace Attorney on the Switch in financial year 2019, which runs from March calendar year 2018 to April calendar year 2019.

With both Ace Attorney Investigations games hitting mobile phones, it is likely whatever title is coming is being made for both.