Some Of Bloodborne's Cut Content Is Accessible Through Chalice Dungeon Codes

by Imran Khan on Dec 27, 2017 at 08:21 PM

The Bloodborne fan community, hacking through Bloodborne's cut content through model viewers and poring over files, has figured out a way to access some of this missing content through chalice dungeons with codes that can be shared with anyone.

Twitter user ShadowedImage who has been using Bloodborne's save editor on PlayStation 4 for a while tweeted out the codes and released the dungeons today. By entering these chalice dungeons, players can meet and fight some of the cut bosses that never made it into the final game, like the Great One Beast.

The first code, sikgc3sm, lets players take on what appears to be a second form of the Moon Presence that didn't end up as the final boss. The second code, arkhv2vs, is the one for the Great One Beast. To enter the codes, players go to an empty chalice gravestone, which are along the winding path next across from and leading to the Hunter's lodge within the dream.

Players then "Search for Chalice Glyph" and then use one of the two codes above. Once you join the dungeon, walk away from the gravestone, turn around, return to it, and press X next to it. Press X again to straight to the boss room. Keep in mind, these are not completed dungeons, and you can end up stuck. The second code for the Great One Beast, requiring you to talk backward into the void you spawned in and wait to get hit by the boss to die and respawn.

There is some footage below of youtuber Nightfall Alicorn streaming the cut bosses earlier, if you just want to watch instead of risking getting stuck yourself.