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World's Largest Mod Site Hopes To Start Paying Mod Creators

by Imran Khan on Dec 19, 2017 at 08:05 PM

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Nexus Mods, the largest site in the world for all sorts of game mods, has announced a plan to start paying mod creators for popular mods.

The system, which is detailed in this blog post, is a little convoluted at first. A donation pool set up by the owners with both Nexus owner and crowd-sourced donations will begin every month and then unique mod download numbers will be paid out proportionally. The system is created as a reaction to criticism of Bethesda's paid mods initiative and wanting to keep payment fair.

The donation point system is opt-in and only includes mod authors who want to take part. Even those who participate can still keep donation links up. The post mentions that no one will be able to quit their job from this payment, but it can help subsidize the cost of the mod work or buy a few extra beers a month.

Nexus Mods is planning to launch this program in early 2018 and is inviting feedback as they roll it out.

[Source: Nexus Mods]