Obsidian Says There Will Be No Microtransactions 'Of Any Kind' In Their Next RPG

by Suriel Vazquez on Dec 16, 2017 at 01:00 PM

Following the reveal of the Obsidian as a partner in Take-Two's new publishing label Private Division, Obsidian has announced its next project will not include any microtransactions whatsoever.

The company made the announcement on their official forums. The company mentioned several fans had been asking the company of the inclusion of microtransactions in their first project with Private Division, and wanted to clear the air about the topic. "No microtransactions, of any kind, in our game," the post said. The statement comes after several notable big-budget releases included loot crates and other microtransactions, including Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and more.

The statement doesn't offer any other details about the project itself, other than it will be an RPG. Speaking to Game Informer, Obsidian's Tim Cain said “If people have liked our previous RPGs they're going to like this one in terms of how we make reactive worlds and especially our style of humor.”

[Source: Obsidian Official Forums]


Our Take
While everyone can rejoice in knowing a game won't have microtransactions, it's important to note that Private Division is a bastion for projects with smaller-scale scopes, budgets, and risks. It's good that Private Division isn't pushing microtransactions on their partners, but doesn't cause me to rejoice the way finding out, say, Red Dead Redemption II won't have them would.