Bungie Update Announces Free Destiny Comic And The Dawning Event Timing

by Imran Khan on Dec 14, 2017 at 02:48 PM

This Week At Bungie, Bungie's blog post that announces and reviews news for Destiny 2, showed off a new comic and detailed The Dawning festivities.

The comic, called Fall of Osiris, tells the story of how the vanguard hero went from lauded commander to traitor. It is written by Ryan North, the writer behind Dinosaur Comics and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, in concert with Bungie's narrative team. The comic is coming soon and will be available for free on Bungie's website.

The Dawning decorates the Farm and the Tower with a winter wonderland feel. The festive atmosphere gives the opportunity for snowball fights, either with playful pelts on the farm or in strikes where snowballs deal extra damage. In addition, Mayhem is back in Crucible, reducing cooldown times for abilities. You can check out the full details of The Dawning here.

The Dawning will start on December 19 and continue to January 9, giving you plenty of time to take part.

[Source: This Week At Bungie]