Ace Attorney Investigations Launches On Mobile Devices

by Imran Khan on Dec 12, 2017 at 01:04 PM

Capcom has released Ace Attorney Investigations on iOS and Android, finally completing all western-released Ace Attorney games being made available on mobile devices.

The 2010 Ace Attorney spin-off originally came out on the Nintendo DS following the success of Capcom bringing the series to the DS from the Gameboy Advance. The game takes place after the third game in the series, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations, and tells the story of Miles Edgeworth in his job as a prosecutor.

A direct sequel to the game was released on the DS in 2011, but Capcom chose not to bring the game to the west.

You can check out a trailer below. The game can be purchased right now on iOS and Android. Unlike other Ace Attorney ports to mobile, the enhanced graphics seem limited only to the character portraits, but the in-game sprites are not quite as cleaned up.


Our Take
Ace Attorney Investigations was worth playing, but some of the final criminals verged on tedious to defeat. The second game was a marked improvement, so hopefully Capcom also brings that to mobile devices with a localization in tow.