psx 2017

The Last Of Us Part II's PSX Panel Introduced Us To The Cast

by Imran Khan on Dec 10, 2017 at 01:01 AM

PSX's big closing panel this year was an introduction to the cast, both known and unknown, of The Last of Us Part II.

The panel opened with a performance of a new song from The Last of Us Part II, with Joel's voice actor Troy Baker and Ellie's voice actress Ashley Johnson singing a soulful song with possibly literal or symbolic lyrics that director Neil Druckmann refused to show his cards on.

Baker, Johnson, Druckmann, and co-writer Halley Rose sat on the panel and talked about their roles in bringing the world a sequel to The Last of Us. Rose, who has written for TV shows like Westworld, pointed out how different video game writing is from TV. Explaining that she came up with an idea to get the characters from one place to another, Druckmann asked her what the fail state for the scenario would be, which Rose didn't understand at the time.

After some hemming and hawing, Druckmann agreed to tell a story about how Rose was pitching new ideas after she was brought on to the project, and went home on her first day and told her husband "I think I got a character pregnant."

Druckmann confirmed that Ellie is 19 years old in the game before the panel showed the controversial Paris Games Week trailer once again. The three voice actors for the trailer, Ian Alexander, Victoria Grace, and Laura Bailey joined the panel, with Alexander being introduced as Lev, Grace as Yara, and Laura Bailey as the woman being hanged without a name given.

It was revealed that Yara and Lev are siblings, which prompted Druckmann to blend their faces in the game to have them look a bit more similar. He also confirmed that Yara is 16 and Lev is 13 years old.

The biggest thing Druckmann confirmed is something the internet had already kind of figured out: "A large part of the game takes place in Seattle," Druckmann told a cheering crowd.

The panel closed with Druckmann suggesting the game is 40-60% complete, a number he admits is kind of vague, and expects to show more of the game at E3 2018 in June.