psx 2017

A Look At Detroit: Become Human's Disturbing But Effective PSX Exhibit

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 10, 2017 at 05:24 PM

In one of PlayStation Experience's halls within Anaheim's Convention Center, people are encouraged to do a little window shopping. The items up for purchase are androids from Quantic Dreams' forthcoming neo-noir thriller, Detroit: Become Human. The androids are obviously human actors, but for a brief instant, every showgoer who walks by is transported into a world where people shop for helpers. The android vending machines feature display screens that inform you of their functions, price, rental options, and even something called a "replacement campaign."

As you walk by each machine, the androids look at you quizzically. Some will even wave or offer a polite (yet robotic) smile. Just thinking that you could walk up to one of these machines, and spend $7,999 to walk away with a human-like helper is unnerving. It's a clever display on Sony's part, as you immediately start thinking about what it would be like to live in that society.

You can see a brief video of the display below. The empty container is for showgoers who want to pose for photos. Apologies for the video quality. I'm mobile on the show floor and the only way to get the video up was to compress the hell out of it.