psx 2017

You May Be Able To Change Your PSN Name Sometime Next Year

by Suriel Vazquez on Dec 09, 2017 at 01:00 PM

This year's PSX wasn't exactly chock-full of announcements, but it did contain at least one piece of info most PlayStation players should be excited about: A hint about when players will be able to change their PlayStation Network handle.

When asked by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller during a post-conference panel (at around 2 hours and 13 minutes into the video) about when players could expect to be able to change their names on the service, Layden had a witty response: "The elves back the North Pole have been working on that for quite some time," Layden said. He began talking about the intricacy of such a task before being cut off by someone in the crowd. "Let me put it this way: I hope we'll see events occur that you don't have to ask me that question next PSX."


Our Take
This is the biggest announcement of the show so far for me. I've wanted to change my handle for years; I've grown as a player, as a person, and honestly it's weird that my current PSN handle is Nintendo-related. Hopefully I'll be able to change that soon.