THQ Nordic Winter Survival Game Fade To Silence Leaks (UPDATE: Confirmation And Trailer)

by Imran Khan on Dec 07, 2017 at 09:07 PM

UPDATE 9:07 PM CT - The game has been confirmed at The Game Awards. You can find the trailer here.

At the show, Black Forest developer confirmed it will be coming to consoles next year when the game has its final release.

The original story is as follows:

Earlier this week, THQ Nordic has been teasing a reveal at tonight's Game Awards with the hashtag #EndlessWinter. A Steam listing going live a little too early has revealed that game is likely to be Fade to Silence, a third-person winter survival game that includes both battling the elements and also battling monsters.

The listing, which shows the game as entering early access, describes the game as a survival title developed by Black Forest Games.

"As the player you take the role of Ash, a natural but tormented leader," reads the oddly written description. "In that role you explore a post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland to gather the resources necessary to establish a refuge for survival. With dwindling resources, simple tasks like upgrading equipment and collecting materials quickly require an expedition to scavenge the necessary items. In the search for survival materials, players must navigate a vast territory, in which they will encounter Eldritch monsters and an even greater foe: the unrelenting winter. While freezing temperatures constantly take their toll on the player Ash, the deadliest event is that of a blizzard. If caught by surprise, it takes every ounce of skill, determination and luck to survive. "

Check out the screenshots below.

The steam listing says early access starts on December 14. No platforms beyond PC are known at this point.

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
While a survival game doesn't necessarily excite me, introducing Lovecraftian horrors into the mix does make it a bit more interesting. I am excited to see what this game is when we get our hands on it.