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This Fan-Crossover Of Moira And Waluigi Is Really Cool

by George Ash on Dec 05, 2017 at 11:52 AM

Overwatch is full of unlockable skins for all of its characters. But unlike Blizzard, fans don’t always have to respect the boundary between game universes, or even IP rights, which is lucky for us because now we get to see some awesome combinations of characters from different universes.

This Waluigi skin for Moira, for example, is a great compilation of two tall lanky characters which would never be seen in the same game. Antonio Demico posted a piece of concept art for a skin of Moira on Twitter. Humorously named Moiwa, it features Waluigi’s purple color scheme, suspenders, hat, and his unique pink nose.

What do you think of this character combination? If so, let me know what game characters you want to see combined.

[Source: @antodemico]