From Software Says Armored Core Isn't Finished

by Imran Khan on Dec 04, 2017 at 07:39 PM

The developer most recently best known for pioneering the Souls series and genre held an Armored Core stream today where they were very clear there would be no new game announcements, but that did not stop the From Software Twitter from assuaging fears.

In a tweet posted today, From thanked their fans for their support and encouraged them to keep hope for the series alive.

"Thank you for watching the Armored Core 20th Anniversary Music Special Broadcast!" the translated tweet read. "There is nothing we can announce now, but we don't intend to end the AC series as it is, so we'd be happy if you could wait a little longer. Even going forward, thanks for supporting From Software!"

The developer then announced that an Armored Core Dynamic theme would see release on the PlayStation 4 soon. 

Earlier in the year, From Software president and Dark Souls/Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that Dark Souls was completely finished with the release of The Ringed City DLC. During an interview in 2014, Miyazaki specifically called out Armored Core as one of the series he wants to pursue again.

[Source: From Software Twitter]


Our Take
While I love Souls games, I am sure From really would like to move on at this point, and the time is right for another mech game. Maybe a Metal Wolf Chaos sequel, please please please?