Cuphead Patch Nerfs Charge Shot Damage, Eliminates Mugman Army Glitch

by Imran Khan on Dec 01, 2017 at 08:40 PM

Studio MDHR has released a promised patch for Cuphead today, nerfing the lauded Charge Shot and fixing up a few of the glitches in the game.

The charge shot, which had a damage per second about three times the starting weapon. Early on, Studio MDHR promised to fix this, which left a window for players to be able to get through the game with the damage intact, until now. As recompense, parrying while charging the shot no longer resets the charge, so damage should still be okay.

The patch also eliminates the Million Mugman Army, a glitch that allowed players to manipulate the co-op add in/drop out menu to add Mugman copies to the world map or, crucially, boss fights. You can check out a video of this glitch, which was awesome and I'll miss it even though I never used it, below.

You can also find the full list of changes at the source link below. 

[Source: StudioMDHR Blog]


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