Bungie Doubles Experience Requirements To Late-Game Leveling In Destiny 2

by George Ash on Nov 27, 2017 at 03:52 PM

After fans noticed an issue with XP scaling in Destiny 2 last week, Bungie promised and quickly implemented a change to earning experience that didn't include scaling, saying the system hadn’t performed like they wanted it to. Bungie has since communicated that it has some big changes to Destiny 2's economy on the way, which will be further explained in a live stream later this week. This week the studio is once again under fire from its community, after Reddit user Aercus gathered data and noticed something else had changed. Bungie has since confirmed the findings through a Twitter post.


The XP issue is a tricky one for Bungie, as each level earned in Destiny 2 after a player hits level cap results in a Bright Engram, the game's equivalent of loot boxes, which are also available by spending real money. A system that slows down XP gained could be interpreted as pushing players toward purchasing bright engrams with real money, since there's a slower path to attaining those engrams through in-game play.

[Source: Twitter]


Our Take
Bungie is free to dole out experience points however it wants, but it should be clear and open with the community when changes are made. Some gamers spend hours calculating the most efficient way to level in a game, the least developers can do is be honest with these people about requirements and rewards, especially when those systems tie in with potential microtransactions.