Bandai Namco Website May Be Teasing My Hero Academia Game

by Suriel Vazquez on Nov 24, 2017 at 01:15 PM

Bandai Namco has thrown up a mysterious teaser website for an upcoming announcement. While the website says there are "10 Days Left," there's a good chance we already know what it is.

The website, directs visitors to click on a microwave, after which a puff of smoke and egg emerge. While that teaser might seem random, fans of My Hero Academia have pointed out the tease is likely a reference to the TV show. In that show, protagonist Izuku Midoriya has acquired super power, but is having issues controlling them. The character All Might tells Izuku to imagine himself as an egg in a microwave, using his powers just enough without hitting his breaking point (eggs eventually shatter if you microwave them long enough). As additional evidence, the site's name could be an abbreviation for the game's name, and "mha" is the abbreviation for My Hero Academia. The "oj" part obviously stands for orange juice is unclear, but could be a reference to a character from the show, Over Justice.

My Hero Academia recently earned a spot on our list of anime series we'd like to see turned into games, so this seems like a nice coincidence, if it holds true.


Our Take
I've never seen My Hero Academia, but this might prove an interesting incentive to go do that, if this turns out to be where the tease is heading. Looks like Bandai Namco wants to corner the exciting new Academia market.