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A Reddit User Made An Awesome Cuphead Arcade Cabinet

by George Ash on Nov 24, 2017 at 09:30 AM

Games used to come out in arcades before being ported to home consoles, but with the arcade industry shrinking, some people are reversing that process by building custom cabinets for newer games. Reddit user xiubeda, who goes by John Sellers on YouTube, made his first arcade cabinet, which is inspired by Cuphead.

Cuphead looks right at home in an arcade cabinet, even if it is still running off an Xbox One. Sellers says in the Reddit comments that the cabinet, including the $200 Xbox One, cost $680 and took about two weeks to make. He was able to keeps costs relatively low due to already having access to large cutting and printing machines. The artwork on the cabinet is printed vinyl and the controls are hooked up to rewired Xbox controllers.

With his first cabinet complete, Sellers says he wants to make his next cabinet NES or SNES themed if he can find one of the Classic Edition consoles, but is also open to making a Super Metroid themed cabinet.

Cuphead is an excellent choice for a first custom cabinet, but there have got to be other recent games that would work just as well as arcade experiences. Let me know in the comments what games you want to see get the arcade treatment.