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After Five Years, One Man's Challenge to Create 100 Games Is Complete

by Cody Mello-Klein on Nov 23, 2017 at 01:01 PM

In 2012, James Cox decided to test himself as a game designer and creative thinker: he challenged himself to make 100 games in five years. This year marks the end of that five year epic journey, and somehow Cox managed to hit that 100-game mark. 

As reported in the full story over on Waypoint, Cox is an aspiring game designer who in 2012 wanted to see if games were a possible career path. “The challenge acted as a litmus test for game development,” he said to writer Patrick Klepek. “It also was the best idea 2012 me had.”

Most of the 100 games are simple or downright strange, featuring a colorful, doodlish art style that Cox refined over time. The first game, Landers, had players take on the role of the invaders in the classic Space Invaders, while the last game, Bundle Kitt, is all about a weird creature wrapped in a blanket trying and failing to accomplish certain objectives. All of Cox's games are available on his website.

In the end, even after his ambitious challenge, Cox enjoys making games. Although the goal was absurd, Cox's experiment is a lesson for creative-minded folks to find something they love and chase it with dedication and passion. "Find a creative outlet you enjoy and pursue it," Cox advises. "Suffering isn't mandatory."

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