Need For Speed Payback Undergoing Further Changes

by Matthew Kato on Nov 22, 2017 at 09:03 AM

Need for Speed Payback developer Ghost Games has already been tweaking the game to respond to user-criticism regarding the game's grind, bugs, and other complaints (check out Miller's review for more info), and now it says further changes are in store.

In a blog post, the dev says an upcoming patch is the latest improvement to the game aimed at basically giving players higher-quality speed cards at a faster rate to aid progression.

Here are the patch contents with text straight from EA:

  • Tune-up shops now stock higher quality parts.
  • Improved quality of cards from targeted rolls in the Tune-up Shops.
  • Increased the level on parts awarded from winning events.
  • Multiple fixes to Improve stability.
  • Improved game performance.

No date has been given for the patch, but the post says it should be "soon."

[Source: Ghost Games Blog] 


Our Take 
These post-release changes are nice, but like Star Wars Battlefront II, it's too bad the dev didn't see them during development, which would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Apart from the continued existence of microtransactions, the game also has many technical issues that hopefully Ghost Games continues to address.