Square-Enix Wants Switch To Be A Home For All Kinds Of The Publisher's Titles

by Imran Khan on Nov 21, 2017 at 02:04 PM

As part of their financial quarter Q&A, which has only just been translated, Square-Enix president Yosuke Matsuda was asked about the Nintendo Switch and how Square-Enix plans to support the system in the future. Matsuda believes that Nintendo's new console is a prime candidate for multiplatform titles, new IP, old IP, and mid-sized titles.

When referring to mid-sized titles, Matsuda is talking about games like Octopath Traveler or their handheld output in the DS and PSP era. 

While Matsuda does refer to multiplatform titles, this doesn't necessarily mean something like Final Fantasy XV or further games in the series. It does mean that, where multiplatform games do apply, they want to add the Switch to the consoles they want to prioritize. So something like an HD remaster might include the Switch now, where it previously didn't.

They also see the Switch as a useful avenue for both new IPs and leveraging old ones and they are planning to be proactive in both these fields.

What games do you want to see Square-Enix put on the Switch?

[Source: Square-Enix Q&A]


Our Take
Square-Enix seems like a good fit for the Switch and they're probably expecting big things from Octopath and Dragon Quest XI. Considering how many of their games focus on high production values, it will be interesting to see what games they consider porting to Switch, as well.