Destiny 2's Curse Of Osiris Will Introduce A New Raid Lair Encounter

by Suriel Vazquez on Nov 15, 2017 at 02:15 PM

As part of its first stream detailing the first expansion for Destiny 2 (Curse of Osiris), Bungie answered one of the expansions's biggest questions: What will the new raid content look like?

With Curse of Osiris, the developer is introducing Raid Lairs, a new kind of shorter, six-player raid encounter. Curse of Osiris' Raid Lair is called "Leviathan, Eater of Worlds," and as the name implies, will return players to Cabal emperor Calus's massive, planet-eating ship. Rather than head for the top of the ship, players will take a lower path to enter Eater of Worlds.

The team would not divulge details about what players can expect from the Eater of World's new encounters, but did tease that it will offer them new loot, puzzles, and a boss for players to obsess over. Bungie promises Eater of Worlds will be "No less challenging" and "completely different" than The Leviathan, and that players can expect to die a lot. To bear that out, the Raid Lair's Power requirement will be 300, and the current Raid, The Leviathan, will also be boosted up to 300 Power (up from 270). Gear from The Leviathan will also be boosted to match. As with the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds will also be compatible with Destiny 2's Guided Games feature and have a prestige variation. Players can expect Eater of Worlds to release some time after the initial launch of Curse of Osiris, as was the case with The Leviathan and Destiny 2.

Finally, Bungie teased one more detail: Destiny 2's second expansion, slated to release in Spring of next year, will bring with it another Raid Lair.

[Source: Bungie on Twitch]


Our Take
Raids are by far my favorite part of Destiny 2, so I'm glad we'll be getting two more of them over the next few months. I also like the idea of abbreviated raid encounters. Just thinking about something with the scope of The Leviathan but without the tedious center encounters between each major one gets me excited.