Trailer Showcases Next Rainbow Six Siege Map

by Matt Bertz on Nov 10, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Two years after its launch, the competitive tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege continues to bring in new players thanks to its tension-filled matches. With the next content pack, Operation White Noise, just around the corner, Ubisoft dropped a trailer showcasing the new map. 

Based in Seoul, South Korea, the lofty Mok Myeok Tower is a communications and observation building that overlooks the bustling city. Its futuristic exterior betrays some of the more traditional interior design choices found inside, like tea rooms with wooden walls. Defenders can set up their barricades in the nightclub, restaurant, art gallery, or offices, with the attacking team rappeling through access points Rainbow Six Vegas style. 

Ubisoft plans to reveal more info on the new operators coming via Operation White Noise on November 19 during the Pro League finals in São Paulo, Brazil.