Sonic Forces PC Version Receiving Negative Reaction

by Imran Khan on Nov 07, 2017 at 07:01 PM

Sonic Forces is out today, but the PC version is causing a lot of consternation among buyers.

When the game first unlocked, there appeared to be a consistent issue where the game simply crashed after the third level. This lead to people posting videos of the game crashing at the same place over and over and then giving the game bad user reviews on Steam. This caught the notice of several Sonic the Hedgehog subreddits, who have been trying to balance the score out since.

Sega also issued a patch that fixed that crash, but players have been reporting performance and stability issues even after. Some suggestions included going into offline mode to fix the framerate or skipping past certain cutscenes to avoid crashes.

"Forces PC Players – we’ve just released an update that should fix most crashes," Sega said on the game's Steam forums. In the same thread, angry players are claiming that issues about stuttering and crashing still persisting.

Hopefully Sega is able to stamp out all the problems soon.


Our Take
While the Steam reviews are bouncing back after the initial deluge of negative ones, it's odd how such a consistent crash made it to release in the first place. The game must have come in hot.