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Nintendo Reveals Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Post-Launch Plans

by Kimberley Wallace on Nov 07, 2017 at 08:18 AM

With Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s launch less than a month away, a new Nintendo Direct shed some light on what’s in store for the future.

The RPG will get a no-cost day-one patch that includes Japanese language support.

The Direct also mapped out long-term support for the game via DLC, all of which will be available through a season pass at $29.99, granting access to the following:

  • A brand new original story debuting in fall of 2018
  • Additional quests for the main game, trickling in beginning in January
  • New Rare Blades to add to your party this spring
  • Adventure support items to give you a leg up on your journey, starting in December.

The expansion pass is available to purchase today, and it's important to note that you cannot purchase the DLC individually. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launches on December 1 for Nintendo Switch.