Runic Games, Developer of Torchlight And Hob, Also Closes Down

by Imran Khan on Nov 03, 2017 at 03:42 PM

Runic Games, the developer that rose to prominence with Diablo-like Torchlight in 2009, has also been shuttered by owner Perfect World.

The announcement, which comes hot off the heels of Perfect World closing down Motiga today, is only a few weeks after Runic released Hob on PlayStation 4 and PC. It is not known whether the game's sales performance factored in to the decision to close down the studio.

Runic had plans after the release of Torchlight to pursue a Torchlight MMORPG. Shortly after, Perfect World bought a $8.4 million stake in the studio, effectively buying them outright. As Torchlight II released, the MMORPG was cancelled, and work began on Hob, which was announced at PAX 2015. You can find our review of Hob here.

[Source: Runic Games]


Our Take
What a sad turn of affairs, especially so quickly after Hob released. We hope everyone at Runic lands on their feet.