Xbox Controller Lab Adds NFL Team Logos

by Imran Khan on Nov 02, 2017 at 02:51 PM

Love Xbox controllers? Love football? Do you feel a pressing need to combine these two things and Madden only comes out once a year or your painting skills are lacking? Microsoft has your back.

You can now add team logos to Xbox Design Lab, the online design store that lets you build and buy an Xbox One controller with your customizations. You can choose colors, add rubberized grips, put an engraving on the front, and now add your favorite team's logos. Well, assuming your team is one of the 32 teams available, so maybe you want a new favorite team.

You can check out the blog post to get a feeling for how you want your controller to look and then order one ahead of the Xbox One X launch next week on November 7. You can order your controller, take a knee, and then use it on your new Xbox.

[Source: Xbox Blog]


Our Take
Go Falcons.