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Quantum Break With Xbox One X Enhancements Balloons To 178GB

by Imran Khan on Nov 02, 2017 at 08:24 PM

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story said that the extra 75GB for the TV pack was for 4K footage. That was in error, there has been no update for the TV pack, the current size is for 1080p.

Games are now getting their Xbox One X enhancement patches ahead of the console's release next week and, as one user on the Xbox One subreddit noticed, some of these patches are really big.

The Xbox One X enhancement patch pushes Quantum Break to 94.7GB, with another 8GB for the game, making the total package 102.5GB. The optional TV pack, should you want it in a higher resolution on your harddrive, is 75.6GB. Together, to have the entirety of Quantum Break on your Xbox One X with the enhancements in tow, will be a 178GB footprint, of which 170GB needs to be downloaded.

Now, to be clear, this is entirely optional. You do not need the enhancements, you do not need the TV pack, and you can get it at a lower resolution by streaming it. This number is the largest the game can possibly get on the Xbox One family, so you can mitigate it.

But in an age of data caps from a lot of American ISPs, this can be pricey. If you were a Comcast consumer-level subscriber, getting the entirety of Quantum Break would take up nearly 20% of your monthly cap. There is no way for you to get a Quantum Break disc that would incorporate all of this, leaving downloads as the only option.

The Xbox One X is launching on November 7. You can download patches for Xbox One X enhanced games on your regular Xbox One and transfer them over when the system releases.

[Source: r/XboxOne]


Our Take
With 4K content being a thing both Microsoft and Sony are pushing harder in 2017, and will only push harder in coming years, game sizes are ballooning in a way that is not commensurate with data caps increasing. Making the choice between high-resolution textures and having to pay a data cap fee is not great.