Check Out The Schedule For Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

by Imran Khan on Nov 01, 2017 at 07:09 PM

If you're reading Game Informer, it's presumed you like games. You might even like awesome games. But what about watching those awesome games done quick? If that sounds appealing, Awesome Games Done Quick has a schedule for you to peruse in preparation for their 2018 event.

The charity event focuses on streaming out speedruns with commentary to hundreds of thousands of viewers. The event has grown exponentially in size over the years, starting off in what essentially amounted to the basement of a guest house and now filling entire ballrooms and event spaces with massive in-person audiences.

The runners take their favorite games and essentially perform for an audience by going through them extraordinarily fast, sometimes through glitches, sometimes through expert play. It also makes you realize how much of the hardest parts of games you have played were because you just didn't run past the enemies.

This time around, the event opens with a Crash Bandicoot 3 any% (meaning, any way the runner wants to get through it and whatever they want to skip) speedrun by way of the recently released N. Sane Trilogy. Other new notable runs include a one-hour Sonic Mania run, a Resident Evil 7 run, a Prey (2017) run, and more.

You can check out the schedule here and start asking for time off for the week of January 7.


Our Take
The finale is Breath of the Wild without any amiibo use and I am way excited to see that.