Star Citizen Unveils Earth-Sized City-Planet

by George Ash on Oct 30, 2017 at 05:15 PM

While players are still waiting for the game’s long-awaited 3.0 update, Cloud Imperium Games is already teasing what’s next for Star Citizen.

In a keynote address at CitizenCon 2947 last Friday, Chris Roberts, co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games, took to the stage to discuss what fans can expect after 3.0 comes out “in the very very near future.” The company plans to change its update model so it delays content that won’t meet its deadlines, instead of moving deadlines to meet content. This should make for more consistent quarterly updates, while allowing the company to follow a road map that will be unveiled with the Star Citizen 3.0 patch.

Roberts also showed off gameplay from one of the game’s city-covered planets, ArcCorp, which has been significantly overhauled. Roberts says the planet is approximately Earth-sized and everything is being built to-scale. “This is pretty much Coruscant,” Roberts says in reference to the Star Wars planet.

After flying around the building-infested planet for several minutes, Roberts pulls up and accelerates. Without so much as a loading screen, he flys through space, comes up on a space station, and then gets out to walk around. The planet definitely looks like Coruscant, at a distance, and up close.

[Source: Youtube via Eurogamer]


Our Take
Star Citizen has been all about immersion since it was crowdfunded back in 2012. This update promises to add more of that, which, judging by the cheers of the audience, is exactly what Star Citizen players want. Maybe the spectacle of this giant city will draw new players to the game too.