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Concrete Genie Lets You Paint The Town And Bring Your Creations To Life On PS4

by Brian Shea on Oct 30, 2017 at 11:16 AM

During today's PlayStation Live media briefing from Paris Games Week, indie developer Pixelopus announced Concrete Genie. In the game, the main character possesses a large paintbrush, which he uses to paint scenes on a wall to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

In the trailer, we see him create everything from a serene waterfall in the woods to fantastical creatures. As he paints them, the scenes come to life, allowing him to advance in the real-world environment. For instance, in one sequence, he draws a fire-breathing monster that burns a wooden door impeding his progress. You can see the full trailer below.

Concrete Genie hits PlayStation 4 in 2018.