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Reader Discussion – What's The Most Impressive Open-World Game You've Played?

by Elise Favis on Oct 29, 2017 at 02:22 PM

Open-world games have become a big trend in Triple-A games, especially in the last few years. While some have better design than others, it's clear that this is a trend that won't be stopping anytime soon. With the release of Assassin's Creed Origins a couple days ago, it got me thinking about open world design again, and what components make a fictional world feel alive. 

Some of the most memorable open-world experiences I've had are with games like The Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and Horizon Zero Dawn. How about you? What open-world game impressed you the most, and why? Were the side-quests well implemented and interesting? Did the setting awe you? What would you like to see more in open-world games?

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