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Watch This Animated Justice League Short That Is One Big Voice Acting Joke

by Imran Khan on Oct 27, 2017 at 02:47 PM

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Justice League Action, a Cartoon Network show that can best be described as a pared down and lightweight version of the previous Justice League show, occasionally has shorts that air on the channel. This one is just one big joke about Mark Hamill and the proliferation of his voices throughout DC's universe of villains.

In the short, movie star Mark Hamill gets kidnapped by the Joker, his most well-known voice acting credit, and the Trickster, a lesser known credit during Justice League Unlimited episode "Flash and Substance." The three have dialogue between themselves, which essentially amounts to Mark Hamill sitting in a room and talking to himself, riffing on things like Hamill's role in Star Wars.

Hamill has famously tried to retire from the Joker voice before, due to the performance hurting his throat as he aged, but keeps changing his mind after fan outcry. Since then, Hamill has been the Joker in most voice acting roles, including the Arkham games (excepting Arkham Origins). Another fun trivia fact: Hamill was originally competing for the role against Tim Curry, who producers of Batman: The Animated Series preferred before they heard both their readings. Hamill's Joker was an absolute standout, so they went with him.

Check out the two-minute short below and chime in with your favorite Hamill voice acting role.