Report: EA Vancouver Was Working On A Cancelled Plants Vs. Zombies Game

by Imran Khan on Oct 27, 2017 at 05:59 PM

Over at Kotaku, a post-mortem of Visceral's cancelled Star Wars game that took the studio down with it is an interesting read of what allegedly happened with the now-dead title. There is also mention, however, of a game that EA Vancouver was working on before they were tasked with a Star Wars title, and it was seemingly a Plants vs. Zombies game.

EA Vancouver is EA's oldest and biggest studio, so they're often called in for mercenary work on other EA titles. Vancouver had reportedly been working on an unnamed Plants vs. Zombies title that was cancelled, either because it was not shaping up or to prepare the studio for taking over Visceral's Star Wars title. It is unlikely that this game was a sequel to the Garden Warfare, which was developed by different studios including Popcap themselves.

EA hasn't announced anything in the Plants vs. Zombies series since Garden Warfare 2 came out in early 2016. EA Vancouver is currently working on an unnamed Star Wars title that has been delayed from its intended 2018 schedule. Despite EA's exclusivity of Star Wars console games, only Battlefront has been released since the deal was announced in 2013.

[Source: Kotaku]