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ID@Xbox Program Passes $500,000,000 In Sales

by Imran Khan on Oct 25, 2017 at 07:10 PM

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A tweet by ID@Xbox confirmed today that sales from games by independent developers have crossed the $500,000,000 threshold since the program started in 2014.

The program is a suite intended to supply developers with everything they need to publish on the Xbox One in exchange for partnering with Microsoft. It gives two free devkits, free access to Unity, waiver of any updating fees, and more to ensure indie developers don't endure a financial burden while publishing on the Xbox One. Some notable ID@Xbox partners are Double Fine, Capybera, WayForward, and plenty others.

The milestone marking for their sales is an important PR-facing announcement, as Microsoft's reputation among indie developers has not been kind to the manufacturer. But as surprisingly huge successes like Cuphead by StudioMDHR show, there is money to be made with the program, and Microsoft desperately wants to get that message out.

[Source: ID@Xbox Official Twitter]


Our Take
Indie success is fairly important for consoles and Microsoft accidentally let Sony run away with it at the beginning of the generation. Now that Sony seems to have loosened their grip on indies, Microsoft needs to put forth all its best arguments why Xbox One is the place to be.