Insomniac On Sunset Overdrive 2: "We Just Need To Find A Publisher!"

by Imran Khan on Oct 24, 2017 at 04:49 PM

On Twitter, Insomniac's official account responded to a tweet pleading for a sequel to Sunset Overdrive with "We'd love to, we just need to find a publisher!"

Sunset Overdrive was an Xbox One exclusive published by Microsoft in 2014 and was one of the first big single-player titles for the console. The open-world punk title focused heavily on shooting-while-traversing as its main gimmick, but managed to capture a lot of hearts with its unique style and fourth wall-breaking dialogue.

Since then, it has been fairly obvious that Microsoft has not been interested in a sequel, as the game did not break any sales records, so a sequel has always seemed kind of unlikely. The fortunate part is that Insomniac was able to keep the IP rights to the series and could work with another publisher to produce a sequel, something that it seems they're now willing and able to do.

Insomniac is also hard at work with Sony and Marvel on the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game, scheduled for next year, which bears some similarities to Sunset Overdrive in its freeflowing movement style.

[Source: Insomniac Official Twitter]


Our Take
It is a little frustrating that Microsoft is so focused on games that aren't anything like Sunset Overdrive because there are so few games that are like it. With a lot of high-profile single player game cancellations by the manufacturer, though, it is not surprising they're skittish about a sequel to the niche Sunset Overdrive. Hopefully a publisher takes a chance on it, because the first game had a lot of potential.