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Florence, A New Game By The Lead Of Monument Valley, Is An Interactive Narrative Experience

by Imran Khan on Oct 24, 2017 at 03:26 PM

Mountains, an Australian-developer headed by Monument Valley design lead Ken Wong, has announced Florence, a narrative experience on mobile devices that focuses on the murky and hard-to-navigate world of a young woman falling in love.

“With Florence, we wanted to explore through game design what it's like to feel stuck, to fall in love, to miss someone,” said Wong. “We were inspired by movies like 500 Days of Summer and ‘slice of life’ graphic novels to tell a story about all the different moments in a relationship, both joyful and painful. Love is such a universal experience, but something we hadn’t seen explored very much in the form of a game.”

Details are sparse at the moment, but the game is eyeing a 2018 release with Annapurna Interactive publishing, a division of the studio that produced movies like Zero Dark Thirty. A demo is showing up at PAX Australia, so hopefully the game isn't too far behind.


Our Take
Monument Valley managed to tell an interesting story using very light storytelling, so I'm looking forward to what Wong can do with an interesting topic. Personally, I find interpersonal and grounded stories interesting, if only because they're so rare.