Analogue's Super Nt Includes Director's Cut Of Super Turrican

by Keenan McCall on Oct 23, 2017 at 11:57 AM

The HD retro gaming console Super Nt offers a never before seen version of one of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's best run-and-gun games.

In a recent press release, Analogue revealed that a full, uncut version of the Factor 5 game Super Turrican is being included in its upcoming HD remodel of the Super Nintendo. Originally cut down by 33 percent of its file size for its 1993 release, the director's cut version offers the complete version of the game never before seen by the public. The version also offers a new level with new music and improved sound design, more enemies, new uses for the beam weapon, and enhanced graphics.

Analogue released a new trailer for the director's cut, which can be viewed down below, but be warned: The safety notice at the beginning isn't a joke.

Super Turrican Director's Cut and the Super Nt are set for release in February.


Our Take
In terms of having a good selling point, you can't go wrong with offering an unseen and enhanced version of a game that by all accounts was well received. Considering Analogue also touts the Super Nt as a way to preserve gaming history, this should serve as a big plus to any die-hard fans of retro gaming and prospective customers of the console.