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Weekend Warrior – Last Minute Gaming Before Next Week's Triple-A Release Wave

by Keenan McCall on Oct 20, 2017 at 07:00 PM

It was a busy week here at Game Informer, but the weekend is finally close at hand.

As we enter the eleventh hour before the release of some of this season's biggest titles, the G.I. crew is hard at work getting everything ready for readers. As such, a lot of the editors were busy making last-minute touches to stories and reviews, but a few still shared their plans for the weekend.

Javy Gwaltney (@Hurdyiv): Barreling through Fire Emblem Warriors and trying to build the grandest farm of them all in Stardew Valley.

Leo Vader (@leovader): Me and some friends made the pivotal discovery last night that Discord’s group video calls include lag-free screen sharing! Meaning of course that we can get a Jackbox game going across the world with pretty much zero effort. Plus Jackbox Party Pack 4 might be the best one yet, zero clunkers in the whole bunch. So I’m gonna be playing a lot of that! HAGS everyone!

Matthew Kato (@MattKato): I’ve been very busy with “work” games the past few months (I have been so lucky), so my personal gaming time has been limited to an NHL or PES game here and there. This weekend, however, I want to crack open Shadow of War and hopefully take a look at NBA 2K18’s MyGM mode. I’m not a natural basketball fan per se, but the story-based approach to GM sounds interesting. As much racing as I’ve been doing with GT Sport and Forza 7, I actually want to go back and play some Dirt 4. Nothing like rally racing. In non-gaming game news, I’m going to the Vikings/Ravens game this weekend, and I sense a Case Keenum regression to the norm. That’s fine though, because it’s another step towards Teddy getting back on the field… Have a good weekend! C’mon City!

Jeff Marchiafava (@GIJeffM): While my obsession has waned a bit, I'm still digging Destiny 2, and haven't done my weekly Milestones yet this week, so I'll for sure be playing some of that. My gaming time has also been split between South Park and Shadow of War, which has entailed me sparing more orc captains than actually defeating them. What can I say? I'm a big ol' softie!

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea): I’m just about finished with Middle-earth: Shadow of War, so I’m going to continue playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Golf Story.

Dan Tack (@dantack): Artisanal charcuterie platter served with a cheese tray. Grain mustard, 5 types of meats and cheeses served with fresh baked breads, jam, and nuts _______________________________

Cody Mello-Klein (@Proelectioneer) – I just discovered that my housemates have a guitar they don’t play very often, so I’ll probably be playing that all weekend. For games, I plan on spending some more time in Shadow of War now that I’m past the absurdly long and slow tutorial section. I also want to try out the Flame in the Flood on Switch. Also, as usual, more Witcher 3.

George Ash (@GeorgeEAsh) – This weekend I’m heading south to the University of Missouri to attend my first homecoming as an alumnus. I won’t be playing many video games, but while tailgating I’ll be playing plenty of beer pong and beer darts. 

Keenan McCall (@KEeNanMcCall525): I’ll be diving head first into South Park: The Fractured But Whole over the weekend. I also want to go back to Cuphead for a little while and really get the hang of some of my favorite bosses.