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Valve President Gabe Newell Ranked In The Top 100 Richest People In America

by Imran Khan on Oct 19, 2017 at 03:30 PM

It is no secret that Valve makes bank, but now the man at the top of that cash tower can now say there are only 96 people in the country richer than him.

Forbes released a list of the one hundred richest people in the country rounded to the nearest hundred million, which is a marginal round off that is more money than most people will ever get the chance to even imagine. In the revised list, Valve's head of state has been crowned the 97th richest person in America, due to Valve's immense popularity with its storefront and hat retailer.

Forbes estimates Newell's worth at $55 billion.

Gabe Newell, or Gaben as he likes to be called, can retire any day he wants at this point. When he does, he might finally spill the beans on what happened to Half-Life 3. Or Left 4 Dead 3. Or really anything, we just want to know.