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New Extra Credits Video Explores How To Spot, Avoid Time Sink Traps

by Keenan McCall on Oct 18, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Everyone's had that moment where they've forgone sleep to play a little bit longer.

Either to unlock the next loot crate with a few more matches in Overwatch or to get that next level up in an MMORPG, most every player has that moment where they keep playing longer then they planned to. Sometimes it's for the best and helps us achieve our goals or see the next crucial cutscene, but other times it's due to design choices made to keep you playing nonstop, leading to less enjoyment with the game overall.

Luckily, the crew over at Extra Credits has released a new video laying out how to spot and avoid time sink traps like these, and keep our gaming experiences more enjoyable. The team regularly makes other videos on a variety of topics related to gaming, so be sure to check out some of their other great videos.