Find Out What Happened To Tidus After Final Fantasy X In New Mobius Final Fantasy Event

by Imran Khan on Oct 16, 2017 at 06:42 PM

Mobius Final Fantasy, Square's popular mobile-and-PC RPG, is having an event that is intended to explain what happened to Tidus in between Final Fantasy X and X-2.

The event, titled Dream Within a Dream, tells Tidus' side of the Final Fantasy X game-model movie, Eternal Calm. In Eternal Calm, Yuna and Rikku go hunting for spheres, as Yuna is convinced they have a hint for Tidus' location somewhere. It was never actually explained where Tidus was during this, until this upcoming event. Eternal Calm was included in the remastered versions of Final Fantasy X released on PS3, PS4, and PC the last few years.

Much of the Final Fantasy X team is working on Dream Within a Dream, including the game's original writer, director, and producer.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a RPG built for Android and iOS with a PC release earlier this year. The player takes control of the Warrior of Light (Wol) journeying his way Palamecia and suffering the surprisingly common malady of amnesia. This particular event is Japan-only for now, but it will no doubt come westward in time. Check out the trailer below and try and forget that one Final Fantasy X light novel ever existed.