Religion To Be Overhauled In Civilization VI Fall Update

by George Ash on Oct 11, 2017 at 02:03 PM

It may be heresy to some, but Civilization VI's fall update is bringing some major changes to religion.

The update aims to overhaul the Religion Lens to make it easier to understand; change religious combat; and add new Pantheons, beliefs, buildings, and two new religious units, the Warrior Monk combat unit, and the Guru support unit, which will heal other religious units.

The Warrior Monk will be interesting to use thanks to the changing religious combat system, though specifics about the unit itself have yet to be revealed. Religious units will have their own zone of control after the update, meaning enemy movement is limited adjacent to the religious unit, while also gaining support and flanking bonuses.

Non-religious aspects of the game will also be changing, including the addition of another civilization. There’s been no word about when this update will release. To see all of the announced content included in the update so far, check out the developer post.



Our Take
I’ve always found religion a little boring in Civilization, so I’ve never taken the time to learn it in-depth. Hopefully the usability changes will make it easier to understand what’s going on in the game. Religious combat units are now a more viable option due to the additional passive bonuses other units have had all along, which is a good change. I am disappointed by the lack of change in how missionaries work; the ability to stand on another civilization’s missionary or kick them out of my territory without starting a war would decrease frustration a lot. Get off my damned iron tile, Gandhi!