Valve Continues To Expand Its VR Tech For Manufacturers

by George Ash on Oct 09, 2017 at 04:10 PM

Valve today announced the addition of new components which it says are critical to the development of best-in-class VR systems for device manufacturers.

The new technology is meant to complement the free license available for Valve's room-scale VR tracking technology, and includes an optical system, manufacturing and calibration tools, and software that aims toward an end-goal of a better end-user experience.

Those new features are meant to allow manufacturers of SteamVR compatible head-mounted displays to include increased sharpness and head-tracking capability, and giving those manufacturers access to custom lens calibration and correction software for any using the SteamVR technology suite. 

From a consumer perspective, the increased technology options should hopefully mean that the next generation of head-mounted displays that are compatible with SteamVR should continue to grow in accuracy and detail. 


Our Take
VR as an industry has struggled to make headway as a mainstream entertainment technology, but Valve has shown continued commitment to making VR a part of its future. Early adopters of SteamVR experiences should be heartened to see that Valve continues to be shining a light on the growing technology.